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UV System Accessories

UV Lamp
Item Code: UV-Lamps
We import stockist UV Lamps of different kinds, imported from Light Source, Lightech and Philips. They are of different Watts, different lengths, Long life, high out put, amalgam lamps, made of soft glass and hard (Quartz) glass with single pin, bi-pin, four pin and mini bi-pin.

UV Quartz Sleeves
Item Code: Quartz-Sleeves
High quality Quartz Sleeves with different diameters, wall thickness, lengths, standard and custom configuration are available with us. They are either one end open or both ends open.

Electronic Ballasts
Item Code: UV-Electronic-Ballast
We stock Electronic Ballasts imported from US. We also manufacture our own Ballasts. They are of 8 W to 320 W and single ballast can be used for illuminating one lamp or two lamps; Ballasts are available for High Output (HO) UV lamps and Amalgam Lamps also.

UV Lamp Holders
Item Code: 2pin-4pin
We manufacture and Import UV Lamp Holders With and Without Cable of single pin, bi-pin, mini bi-pin and four pin. Models of T5 & T8 Lamps.

UV Surface Purifiers
UV radiation is in the field of food industry for disinfecting surfaces. Its applications include decontamination of surfaces of equipments in bakeries, cheese and meat plants, for decontamination of conveyor surfaces and for packaging containers such as boxes, bottles, cartons, tubes, films, foils and caps. As the interaction mainly occurs between microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses with the surface materials, efficacy of UV light mostly depends upon the surface structure of materials. Microbial inactivation is mostly in suspension with aqueous media or air.

UV Air Handling Unit

Item Code: UV-AHU
When the UV lamp works, its rays target the DNA of microorganisms thus destroying their cells and causing replication impossible. UVC energy, when directed at cooling coil or drain pan, destroys the surface layer of moulds that grow in moist conditions. It also destroys airborne viruses and bacteria circulating through an HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system.

PP Micron Filters
Item Code: PP-Micron-Filter
We stock imported PP (Blue Black) and Transparent Micron Filters of different lengths and diameters and supply to the customers.

Filter Cartridges Item Code: Filter-Cartridges

We import and stock filter cartridges for liquids of different diameters and lengths : Spun Cartridge, Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge, Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge, Liquid Filter bags etc.

UV Intensity Monitor Station
Item Code: UV-Sensor-With-Monitor

UV Monitor With Sensor
Item Code:UV-Monitor-with-Sensor-1


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